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The Fortress of Sukhum Dioscuria

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The ruins of the fortress of Sukhum Dioscuria – tourist facility on the coastal territory of the city of Sukhumi. On this site there are many legends, rumors and opinions. Some call it the “Black Sea Atlantis”, some – “Sebastopolis” (similar title – Sevastopol, San Sebastian), and some – “Dioscuri”. Each name is understandable.

In VI. BC. e. on the site of the present capital of Abkhazia was a colony of Miletus Dioskuriada Greeks. The name was given in honor of the twins Castor and Pollux, known as the Dioscuri, the participants Argonauts in Colchis for the “Golden Fleece”. About Greeks show found small fragments of ancient pottery. Perhaps the ancient Greek settlement was destroyed by conquerors, perhaps – a strong earthquake is more likely – gone under water due to the powerful landslide. Underwater discovered the remains of the ancient city on the sea bed near the waterfront. Hence arose the name “Black Sea Atlantis.” Came here on the site of the Romans Dioscuria built his fortress city, giving it a grandiose name Sebastopolis (in Russian – “The holy city”), as evidenced by the remains found underpinning I-IV centuries. n. e. In VI. on the site of the destroyed during the Persian-Byzantine war Sebastopolis were ruins again. From the XIII to XV centuries. Genoese erected here a trading post and a port. Those who came after in the XVIII century. Ottoman Turks built a strong fortress and called it the Sukhum-Kale ( “stool” – a fortress).

In the XIX century., After the arrival of Russian troops in Sukhumi, the fortress housed the local garrison, and then there was a prison, where even the remnants of a revolutionary camera Ordzhonikidze preserved. Now, in place of the former fortress is located the restaurant “Dioscuria”. Fragments of the past are preserved citadel, but the excavations are not conducted.


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